Monday, December 2, 2013

True Leaders

I was looking for a way to express my feelings towards the 3 AFT presidents at L+M hospital, Harry Rodriguez, Stephanie Johnson and Lisa D'Abrosca, when I came across this FB post:
This by itself would make a great blog, don't you think?

Andrew Rodriguez Very proud to call you my father right now. Its always refreshing when you get to meet people who are passionate about their beliefs and are willing to stand up and fight for their rights. God Bless Local 5123 and God Bless Locals 5049 & 5051!!!

In a nutshell, it's how I feel about the 3 true leaders of L+M
I had the privilege to be with them last winter when they visited Senators Murphy and Blumenthal and Congressman Courtney in Washington to tell them how the hospital CEO was firing workers when he moved work, instead of letting the workers follow the work.
I was there when they spoke before the Connecticut AFL-CIO convention and emphatically reached out for help.
I watched Harry give a presentation to AFT presidents about how this shell game could spread to other hospitals.
I was there when they presented their case to the Southeastern CT Labor Council, a council on which Lisa is Vice President.
I've watched as Stephanie has raised one finger, in front of state federation staff and officers and said, "Excuse me, I have the floor!"

I have also seen them in quiet times, when the concern for each and every individual member shown on their faces.

And I am sure I have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

They carry the weight of the welfare of 1600 L+M workers and their families.
When they say "brother and sister", they not only mean it, they feel it.
Their decisions and leadership ability will effect not only the outcome of the L+M Lockout, but the direction of AFT Connecticut Healthcare, and the Connecticut Labor Movement, and beyond.

Yet to watch them at a rally, you'd think this is just a "fun in the spotlight" moment for them.

It is not.

They understand the importance of the role they play.
They do so not out of any sense of personal gain.
They do it because they find themselves in this position, at this time, and inside them is something that screams....

"These are MY people, and you will respect them!"

They have become my good friends,
they are for sure, my mentors,
they are most definitely, my heroes.

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