Friday, December 13, 2013

One day longer

Good news out of New London today.
Negotiations scheduled for next Monday will take place tomorrow instead.

These will be the first negotiations in 11 days.

I sincerly hope that L+M Corporation comes ready to offer real proposals.

I hope they have finally come to realize that the coalition between the nurses, techs, and community is real, lasting, and cannot be broken.
In the last 3 weeks New London has shown a solidarity seldom seen, a solidarity based on a concept that this hospital belongs to them, not L+M Corporation.
What began as a campaign slogan has been taken into their hearts.


The outpouring of support, in the form of community on the picket line, the donations of coffee, donuts, food, turkeys, toys, cooked meals, cash, and love is the outward sign of that solidarity.

It is not too late for the leadership of L+M Corporation to put the needs of the community first.

But make no mistake.

Should this be another false start,
Should L+M Corporation offer their same unacceptable proposals.
Should they continue their disrespect of the nurses, techs, and community,
then I have no doubt in my mind that this coalition will stand strong, in solidarity, knowing that Right is on their side.

How long will this coalition stand together?

One day longer than needed.

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