Tuesday, November 26, 2013


On Wednesday, at 6 am, the nurses and technicians of our sister locals at L+M hospital  in New London will take a courageous stand and go on strike.

It will be the first strike at a Connecticut hospital in 33 years.

The issue at hand is the hospital's refusal to stop the practice of laying off workers, moving the work to outside buildings and rehiring others to do the work, and then, denying these new workers the right to join the union.

The Federal Government is currently prosecuting the hospital for just this practice.
The problem is, the hospital has already said it will appeal any decision and tie it up in the courts for years.

The RN and the LPN/Tech Locals are advocating for contract language to protect L+M workers from their own management.

It's sad that health care in this country has come to this.  Some in the decision making roles are willing to put personal profit ahead of patient welfare.

Our brothers and sisters have been left will little choice.

The Governor, our senators and representatives, the labor community, the religious community and the greater southeastern Connecticut community are all standing with the workers.

I urge you to find your way to the hospital sometime in the next few days to show your support.
If you are not within travelling distance, I urge you to call Bruce Cummings, the CEO, at (860) 442-0711, and leave a message for him, to negotiate in good faith.

I hope to see you in New London, as I stand with my brothers and sisters.

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