Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lessons from the road (with deep respect to Jack Kerouac)

I have done more travelling this year than most of my previous years combined. 
I have been to Washington 3 times, and Baltimore and Chicago once each, all on union business. 

Now I'm returning from a family trip to Disneyworld. 

No more trips for awhile....
Well, till January, then it's San Diego...
and May,...Baltimore....
and July,....Los Angeles. 
But, then, no more trips for awhile....,,

One tip I'm learning from all this...,
Travel light. 

Nothing worse than schlepping too much unnecessary stuff on a trip. 
The same holds true with life, doesn't it?

Didn't JC send his followers out instructing them to take nothing extra with them?
Doesn't Toaism and Buddism teach simplicity?
Doesn't George Carlin have a skit about "stuff"?

It goes against our modern culture and American sense of self reliance, but maybe, in certain situations, we should give it a try. 

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