Sunday, October 16, 2016

An amazing journey

What an amazing journey!

I'm stuck in Ireland due to an unexpectedly delayed flight causing a missed connection.
How is that amazing?
The same way that bad weather prevented us from visiting Monte Carlo a few days ago. 

Missing Monte Carlo meant we spent another day in Italy and allowed us to have perhaps the best day of the cruise, touring the hills, medeavil villages, and farms of Tuscany.  

Being delayed in Ireland meant Guinness in an Irish pub and the chance to walk on Irish sod, to bend down and feels it's thick, green grass between my fingers.

Perhaps that means nothing to you. 
Perhaps if you're Irish-American it does.

Traveling, like life, can be an amazing journey.  
Those who know me best know that like everyone, I face real challages at times, challages that can get me down.
But they also know that I can sometimes make mountains out of molehills, and in so doing, can miss out on opportunities.

This week, because I was able to make the best of situations, I enjoyed lunch at a Tuscany farm, Guiness at an Irish pub, and the the feel of the sod of my ancestors beneath my feet.

And when I can do that, it makes for an amazing journey.

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