Friday, October 7, 2016

Cruise day three

Let me get this straight.
Croatia was once part of Yugoslavia, which was part of the Soviet Block, which was the "evil empire," correct?

Except Split, Croatia was lovely, with lovely people.
Our city tour guide explained the history and architecture, complete with occupation by the Greeks, the Venetians, and Romans, as well as the effects of World War. II, and the Bosnia-Serbia War, as only someone who had grown up in the region could.
The shop keeper where we stopped for souvenirs helped us pick out a local wine, asking that we return to give her our impression. When we said we were on the cruise ship and were leaving at days end, she wished us a wonderful journey and asked a pledge that we would return.

"Evil Empire" I think not. Ordinary sisters and brothers interested in the same things we are, I think yes.

Tomorrow, Dubrovnik.

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