Monday, October 3, 2016

Bon Voyage

Michelle and I have been saving up for a Mediterranean cruse to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary for several years.
Tonight we leave for Italy. 

We delayed the trip for one year after I was elected to my current post of state federation VP, so I guess it's a 41st anniversary cruise.
In that year I took only 3 days vacation.
I would never advise my friends to do that.
We each have an obligation to tend to the needs of our sisters and brothers but we also deserve to enjoy the fruits of our labor.
It is part of taking care of ourselves.

There are many things going on that deserve my attention at work.
The outcomes of the elections will effect us for years, our state workers and some of our educators are still without contracts, we have major battles in healthcare, and our state legislative session will be soon upon us.
So, there is much to do.

But I genuinely believe that We have  a team of officers and staff that is somewhat like the Patriots.
When one player is missing, several others are there to fill in.
I also believe our members are more involved than ever, which is the ultimate goal.

So Michelle and I are off to see Europe for the first time.
Bon Voyage! 

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