Sunday, October 2, 2016

Standing with the community

I've been spending a lot of time in Windham, Connecticut lately.
Our teachers and paraprofessionals and school support staff have been fighting for adequate funding to keep their schools open and prevent students from having to travel out of town for education.
Our nurses and other healthcare workers have been fighting to keep their community hospital open and prevent patients and their families from having to travel 45 minutes each way to Hartford for care when they are sick.

I have been hearing how their is a "new economic reality." That times are tough. That we have to tighten our belts.


There's nothing new about this cry for the need for austerity. 
We've heard it all before. 
There is one problem and it's as old as time.
Them that has....don't want to share.

Donald Trump said it Monday night.
When pointed out that he won't release his tax returns and in his last public tax return he didn't pay any taxes, he said.......
"That makes me smart."

That doesn't make you smart, that makes schools and hospitals close.

We have an ethical responsibility to all share our good fortunes and many of the rich do not.
They take the benifits that our society offer and use every loophole to avoid contributing to the common good.

The result is that teachers, paraprofessionals, school support staff, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who would rather spend their time in the classroom and at the bedside are obligated to take to the streets and fight for their communities.

That's why I've been spending my time in Windham.
I'm standing with these dedicated educational and healthcare workers as they stand with the community.

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