Sunday, September 25, 2016

Why Clinton

The big debate is tonight.
I suppose it's going to be "Hugh."

For what it's worth, it's no surprise who I'm supporting.
I "feel the bern" and I thank him for his advocacy on behalf of working families.
In the end, I voted for Hillary in the primary and I was a delegate for her at the DNC, not because I don't love Bernie, not because he isn't qualified to be president, but simply because Hillary Clinton is, in my opinion, perhaps the most qualified person of my lifetime to run for the office of president of the United States.
She has served as First Lady, U S Senator, and Secretary of State. She has worked on behalf of working families her entire life.
Never in history has any one person been so scutinized for so many years but it has not dissuaded her. 

Her opponent has accused her of many things, all without evidence. 
At the same time, refuses to release his tax returns as every presidential candidate in recent history has, he states his qualifications as a great businessman but he has repeatedly declared bankruptcy and in doing has cheated small business owners and workers the income they had worked for, he has insulted and ridiculed the disabled, women, Mexicans, Muslims and others, he claims he and he alone can make America great agiain yet his clothing line is manufactured overseas, and his policy plans lack depth except when it coms to immigration where he states he will build a Hugh Wall and get Mexico to pay for it.

And some want him to have the nuclear launch codes?????????

In the end, people vote with their hearts. 
I hope they see The Donald as he truly is, interested in The Donald and The Donald only. 
But more than that, I hope they see Hillary as she truly is, interested in all the people of this country and qualified to serve. 

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