Friday, December 6, 2013

Open letter to L+M board of directers

L+M Board of Directors,

I would imagine the L+M CEO is keeping you updated on developments with the lockout.
I imagine you're wondering how 800 seemingly dedicated employees could force such a thing, and hoping they will come to their senses soon so this thing can end.
I imagine you're wondering how Governor Malloy, Senators Blumethal and Murphy, Congressman Courtney, Mayor Finizio, all the state senators and representatives and prominent members of the New London community could side with the workers.
Your probably thinking it's just a political stand they are taking.

However, you know some of these people.
Either you work along side them, or go to church with them, or serve on committees with them.
Could they all be wrong?
Could they all be politically motivated?
Could they all be fooled by "the union?"

The nurses and techs are ready to go back to work.
They tried to do that last Saturday.
They were told they would be arrested if they set foot on their community hospital property.

You have the power to end this lockout.
You can instruct the hospital CEO to bring the nurses and techs back while negotiations continue.

I urge you to keep an open mind, to talk with the people you know who are locked out or support those who are locked out.

Thank you for your service to the community and consideration of my thoughts,

John Brady RN
Backus Hospital Emergency Nurse
Backus Federation of Nurses
AFT Local 5149

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