Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Good news for my L+M brothers and sisters today.

First, Nurses and Techs illegally Locked Out of their own hospital, prohibited from caring for their patients, found out that they will receive unemployment retroactive to December 1.
Our hope is that the sought after injunction will come soon and open L+M's doors again.

Second, Santa arrived today, accompanied by City of New London Fire Trucks and maned by Firefighters Local 1522, delivering toys to the children of the Nurses and Techs, donated by many generous people and with the help of the ULA (United Labor Agency), which is the community service division of the AFL-CIO.

And last, L+M CFO Lou Inzana resigned.

There is much speculation over this resignation, in the middle of an illegal Lock Out.
Some point to the Westerly Hospital purchase.
Some point to news articles of the Caymon Island Hedge Fund.
Some question the cost of continuing this illegal Lock Out.
And some wonder if he could no longer support the leadership of the CEO, Bruce Cummings.

We have no way of knowing the reasons.

What we do know, is that the administration of Cummings is unraveling.
Political support has long ago left him, as has community support.
Costly, questionable business decisions have turned a profitable hospital into a hospital in trouble in one year.
Most important of all, there is no confidence in Cummings ability to lead this hospital going forward.

AFT is a strong, respected union of professionals, supported by all of organized labor, political friends, and the community, and led in this struggle by the nurses, techs, and healthcare workers of Locals 5049, 5051, and 5123.

There is leadership at L+M, and it's found in AFT.

The money's gone to the Caymons, the CFO to Maine, maybe it's time for for Cummings to go too.

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