Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Tonight, the Executive Board of the Backus Hospital Nurses visited the picket line outside L+M hospital.  It was not our first visit, nor will it be our last, but it was our first official visit as a group.

We presented the following to the brave workers at the line.


Whereas the corporation that runs L+M Hospital has engaged in an Unfair Labor Practice

And whereas that same corporation has locked out its own workers

And whereas the governor, both US senators and our congressman, all area state senators and representatives, the mayor of New London, all of organized labor, and the southeastern  Connecticut community stands with the L+M workers

And whereas we share a common responsibility to provide care for that community

Therefore be it resolved that the Backus Federation of Nurses,
AFT Connecticut Local 5149 , AFL-CIO
pledges its total and complete support for its  L+M
brothers and sisters

Adopted by the Backus Federation of Nurses Executive Board

this fourth day of December, 2013

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