Sunday, December 15, 2013

Long nights

Right now, the RN/LPN Tech negotiation team is working.  They have been since 1:00 yesterday afternoon,
19 hours ago!
They are fighting for a contract that gives security to the members and families, but also to the patients and community.  They are fighting for respect and the right to return to work.

The community and organized Labor has been unbelievable in it's support.
But we should take a moment to look at ourselves.

As our dedicated negotiations team worked through the night, supported by members present, other members manned the picket line in the cold and snow.
Our AFT Connecticut staff has been at the table and in the cold with us the entire way, our filed reps, organizers, office staff and others. The best Union staff ever!
The other AFT Locals have contributed financially, with boots on the ground, and with encouraging support.
We have been led by the amazing presidents and executive boards of Locals 5059, 5051, 5123, AFT Connecticut, and AFT Washington.

We need to understand that the AFT is a respected leader in the movement for equality and fairness and that we are playing a large role in that struggle.

The corporation that runs L+M Hospital needs to understand two things.
We seek what is in the best interest of L+M Hospital, because we are L+M.
We are united in our resolve to see this through.

My sincere hope is that an agreement can be reached soon that offers respect to the dedicated care givers of L+M Hospital and allows them to return to providing excellent care to their patients.
My sincere thanks to the negotiations team, staff, and members of 5059, 5051 and 5123, who are doing the heavy lift and showing us what solidarity looks like in practice.
The rest of AFT will continue to stand with you.....
One day longer than is needed.

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