Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bruce must go

Just when I thought the CEO of L+M Corporation couldn't disrespect the dedicated nurses and techs any more......

In an incredible insult, he has asked the workers to vote yes on his "last, best offer" by Monday and he'll give them a $1000 bonus.
It's an insult because to the nurses and techs this isn't about money, it's about being able to continue to care for their patients.
To think that these dedicated, ethically driven health care workers could be bribed is the height of insult.
But, then again, this is common in the world the CEO lives in.  In his world it's common to sell one's soul to the highest bidder.

Let's set the record straight.
The CEO has illegally moved work out of the hospital to a shell corporation and denied the experienced health care workers the opportunity to follow their patients.  Furthermore, he has illegally Locked them out of their own hospital, in the cold, away from their patients, and stopped their paychecks and insurance, all just before the holidays.
All to move a few more dollars into his pocket because, apparently, $15,000/week isn't enough for him.

His offer of a bonus is a desperate attempt to divide the dedicated health care workers, who you can imagine, are under an incredible amount of stress.

It is time for the board of directors to stand up and do the right thing.  Bruce Cummings is not L+M Hospital.
The health care workers, the community, the governor, senators, representatives, and mayor who are out on the picket line, are L+M Hospital.

Bruce must go.
Don't let the door hit you in the @#* on the way out.

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