Friday, May 25, 2012

Union Update

A couple of people have asked me what I'm doing with all my free time since our negotiations have concluded and we have ratified our contract.


Let me first say that Mary Bylone stopped down to the ED on last week. We chatted for a few minutes, just to touch base about moving foreword.  I appreciate that gesture.  I also got to touch  base with Dave Whitehead.  Are these big things?  No, and yes, if you know what I mean.

As far as free time.....Friday I had a family funeral, Saturday I attended the AFT Connecticut convention, Sunday morning I walked in a relay for life, Monday I had a meeting in HR where I represented one of our members, Tuesday we had a constitution/bylaw meeting, Wednesday  I met with Michelle, Carol, Greg, Karen Knight and Theresa Buss to map out the mechanics of implementing our contract, and then helped at our church bingo, and last night I went grocery shopping with my wife.  Oh yes, there's work too.

Some updates:

Weekend and Holiday differentials increase as of Sunday, 5/27 from $4.25 to $5.

3% wage increase as of Sunday, 6/3.  Some people may see a larger increase if their pay has fallen behind their graduation class.  Each class has a minimum rate now.

403b matching funds will be deposited the week of 6/10.

Meeting on Monday, 6/4, 5:30, at the office, to hopefully finalize our constitution/bylaws.  All members are welcome.

Tentative vote on constitution/bylaws 6/14. Tentative time is 2-5pm.  Karen and Theresa are working on getting us a spot at the hospital to make it convenient, thank you to them for this.

Once the constitution/bylaws are approved by a majority vote of our members, we will schedule a date for nominations and election of officers.  After that we will work on getting delegates (stewards) in place and trained.  We had a sign up sheet for those interested in serving as delegates at the contract vote.  It was wonderful to see so much interest.  If anyone else is interested, let us know.

Moving forward, there is much to do, but we are many, and one step at a time will get us there.

I have mentioned in previous blogs what I envision as the future of our local.  There is much to do in service to our members and our community. 
It's critical to remember that I have one vote, and you have one vote.  Every one's opinion is important.

In my next blog I will try to lay out some of the contract details.  All bargaining unit nurses will receive a hard copy when it is printed and it will be available on the hospital intranet.

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