Monday, May 7, 2012


Yesterday Michelle and I travelled to New York City to visit my brother in law, Wayne.  He is a patient at Sloan Kettering Hospital.  He has mesothelioma.

Cancer has not been kind to us.  My brother in law Ira and my mother in law Gloria both lost their battles in the last few years.

It makes you think about the reason for life and you start to question things.

Among the questions is why do we struggle so hard for the causes we believe in, since life is so short, so fleeting.  What does it matter?

And yet, we do it.  Causes we believe in, even games we partake in, become at the same time, all important and not important at all.  It's a curious human condition.

I believe that this life on earth is only a small portion of our eternal life, even though I have no proof or that, no rational reason to believe, yet I do.

Maybe some things are beyond our ability to grasp, maybe that is what faith is, believing anyway.

Faith allows me to believe that I will once again see those who go before me, and that's very comforting.
It also allows me to continue to struggle for what I believe is right, even if I do not understand it's role in the grand scheme, trusting that there's a reason for my passion.

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