Monday, May 21, 2012

Salute to EMS

I was having trouble deciding what to write and I thought, maybe nothing's happening in my life to write about.
Yeah right!

The problem is that in the last 10 days I've been overloaded.
We lost my brother in law to cancer, we ended a year of negotiations when we came to a tentative agreement, we ratified the contract, I spoke at our union's state convention and we walked in a cancer society Relay for Life.
Enough already!

While I was feeling sorry for myself I was reminded that this is Emergency Medical Services week, dedicated to all the fine people who dedicate themselves to our safety and well being, people who have a right to feel overloaded on a regular basis.

Over the years of my working in the emergency room I have come to know these men and women.  I do not think you could find a more dedicated and courageous group of people.  Underpaid and often under appreciated, it is a privileged to have come to know them in my role as an emergency nurse. I am sure I do not always show it, but I have the greatest respect for these brave men and women who, when every survival instinct in us says to run for safety, they calmly march in, placing themselves in danger to save their neighbors.

I salute my brothers and sisters of the EMS community, may God keep you safe, as you keep us safe.

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