Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sometimes it all makes sense

Every once in a while I get a moment when it all comes together.  At times like this I see the interconnections around me.  I see how all people are connected, how all of nature is connected.

It's pretty cool!

I had one of those moments this year at the Easter Vigil mass.

Passover celebrates the Israelite's deliverance from the death of slavery into the new life in the promised land.  At Easter, Jesus is delivered from death to life.

My Jewish friends have taught me that the Passover isn't something that happened to their ancestors, that Passover is experienced by every Jew of every age.  But do I not also call Moses, Elijah, and Abraham my fathers too? And do we not all experience Passover in our lives, our own slavery and deliverance?

A common thread in our Passover experience is our deliverance from whatever enslaves us.  The new life of Easter is our tuning to something or some one greater than ourselves, a higher power, be that God by whatever name we call him, friends, or the order of the universe.

When I remember this, when I believe it, it all comes together.

And that's pretty cool!

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