Friday, May 18, 2012

See you in heaven

Today I attended the funeral of my brother in law, Wayne Bagley.  It was an emotional day as you can imagine.  Wayne was 2 years younger than I.  As I have thought about him more this past few months and as I sat and listened as several of his close friends from childhood, college, and work, speak of him, I have come to understand him better and realize the things we have in common.

For sure, I do not have his organizational skills, Wayne's tools hang in his garage, each with it's specific spot, his entire life was organized.  It's what made him so good at his work, that and his people skills.  Wayne negotiated multi million dollar contracts for helicopters with heads of governments around the world.  When they made a deal with Wayne, they knew that the details would be right and that his word was gold. As we left the church today, a Sikorsky BlackHawk helicopter made a tree top flyover, and then returned for a second flyover.  A fitting tribute to the respect he holds in his profession.

Wayne was passionate about everything he did, negotiating sales or woodworking at home, as one of his friends said, a job wasn't done until Wayne was satisfied.

I am much more relaxed when it comes to perfection, I am no where near as organized, but I do understand his passion.  I also share the amazement that he did in where our passion has taken us.  One day last year, before he knew he was sick, we sat and traded war stories over a beer.  I told him of the people I was meeting with my union work and he told me how he had just negotiated with a Saudi prince. Bragging?  Maybe in part, but I think we both couldn't quite believe how two kids from working class families could be doing what we were. 

I have been asked to say a few words at our state convention tomorrow about the Backus team. 

I wish I could share that experience with him.

Godspeed brother, see you in heaven, save me a beer.

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