Friday, May 11, 2012

Nightingale awards

It was my pleasure to attend the  Nightingale awards last night and honor the Backus, L+M, Day Kimball, and other nurses for their dedication and fine work.

Backus nurses Lois Annino, Teresa Bliss, Elizabeth Dowd, Rebecca Lassan, Renee Malaro, Josephine MacDonald, Bille Peloquin, Katie Pollard, Melissa Rainey, Karen Sanders, Allison Taylor, Victoria Tyler, their families, and their colleges, should be proud.  It is a remarkable accomplishment.

Every day, across this country and the world, nurses dedicate their lives to the care of others.  The compassion, skill and knowledge needed and the stamina to continue day after day is remarkable.  Often, this passionate work goes unnoticed, in the rooms of community hospitals, the hills of Honduras, the slums of Haiti, the bedside of the terminal, the halls of our state capitols, the classrooms of our nursing schools, in the uniform of our armed services, responding to natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina, and so many more.

It is fitting that we should recognise this work and say thank you to this year's Nightingales, as well as past and future Nightingales.

Well done.

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