Thursday, May 3, 2012

Negotiation Update 5/2

At our last negotiation session we made a move designed to break a logjam . We moved off our position for a wage step system and instead offered a wage "range" based on graduation date, with a ceiling and floor to each graduation class. It was a significant move on our part and I think offers a contract that both sides can accept.

Management has taken a careful, serious look at our proposal and have told us we are "very close".
Management suggested that we jointly ask the NLRB to postpone the May 14 trial and that we meet once again, on that date, because they feel we can come to agreement.
This was not an easy decision for your bargaining team. In the end we agreed and together we asked the Federal government to postpone the trial.
The new trial date will begin June 4 and run on consecutive days till completed.
We will meet on May 14 and we will quickly know if management is really serious about reaching an agreement. Management has committed to meet all night long if necessary to reach an agreement and to reconvene on May 16, if needed, for any finishing details.
Now is a time for calm. We will take management at their word. If we are wrong, if management comes on the May 14 without a real, serious offer, then at least we will know that we did everything in our power to reach an agreement that is fair to both sides.


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