Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A real nursing story

My editor told me that I hadn't done a "nursey blog" in quite a while.  He's right, I've been somewhat busy with union activity.

Busy is probably an understatement.  I haven't had time to visit with my mom in weeks and I don't for the life of me know why my wife hasn't left me, she's just a wonderful person.

The reason I'm so passionate about union work is because I'm so passionate about nursing.

The resident nurse are doing three week rotations in the emergency department.  They are so young, so bright, so full of promise.  I want a future where they can practice nursing with pride, where they will have the support and respect to work at the bedside should that be their wish, for a long, long career, a career where they will touch the lives of so many patients and families.

I keep waiting for life to slow down, to get back to blogging about nursing, to get back to spending more time with my family and my amazing wife.  It will come, I will find the balance.

I love these young nurses, and I love nursing.  I have touched many lives in the care I have given but it pales to the number of lives I can touch by improving the working conditions for my fellow nurses, because if they stay in bedside nursing they will touch millions of lives.

The reason my wife and my family have been so understanding is because they understand.
And that's the real nursing story.

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