Saturday, June 4, 2016

Leave no one behind

First of all, let me assure my progressive friends that I sure do "feel the Bern."
Bernie Sanders is a voice crying out for the working people of this country.  He is passionate and intelligent and he believes to the core in the movement.
I love him for what he is doing and for the message he is promoting.

So why was I elected a Clinton delegate this past Tuesday?

Quite frankly, although Secretary Clinton is not the dynamic speaker Bernie is, she is in my opinion, the most qualified person to run for president of the United States in my lifetime.
She was an early proponent of universal healthcare, and has always been a proponent of the rights of women and people of color.
She has a resume of first lady, Secretary of State, and Senator.
She believes in worker's rights, including the right to organize and bargain collectively.
She is a proponent of common sense gun control.
Her appointments to the Supreme Court will benefit us for the next 30 years.
She will be able to get things done.

And lets be frank, the dudes haven't done all that great since 1776.

So, I will be proud to represent my congressional district in Philadelphia and cast my vote for Hillary, and I will support Bernie and his message at the same time.
Whomever the nominee is that comes out of the convention, I will support them.

The republican alternative is both an embarrassment and a danger.

So why, two days after my election as a delegate, was I outside the Connecticut Democratic Fundraiser, protesting an austerity budget, not inside?

Because Bernie and Hillary are both right on this.  As a party and as a nation we cannot leave the working class and the poor behind.  If we do, what have we accomplished?
So I proudly stood outside with my sisters and brothers of labor and community and our message was this:
If we are on the outside, there is trouble on the inside."

I'll be inside in Philadelphia, as will be many who believe the same.
I will support the nominee of the party.
I will proudly cast my vote for Hillary and as I do, I will remember that I am the grandson of a former Rhode Island Senate Senate President, James J Brady, and I will work to remind my party that we can leave no one behind.

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