Saturday, June 18, 2016

When a moment of silence is not enough

The events in Orlando last week were horrific.
I cannot imagine being the loved one of one of the victims.
My heart and my prayers go out to them.

But is that enough?

My congressional delegation does not believe so.
In Connecticut, we are personally effected with each mass shooting.
We always will be.

The 20 children, 5 and 6 years old, and the 6 dedicated educators of Sandy Hook School are always on our minds.
We have cried, we have prayed and we have moved on.
But we have not forgotten.

How many children, be they 5, or 6, or 20, 30, or 40. must die?
The children of Sandy Hook, of Orlando, of Blacksburg, of Killeen, of San Bernadino, of Edmond, of Fort Hood, of Binghamton, of Aurora, and others were OUR children.
Not to mention the thousands who die on our streets daily that often go barely reported.
The right to bear arms is protected and should be but so is the right to life!

We should pause and pray, but prayer without action is heresy.

There are common sense solutions that will protect the rights of collectors and hunters and self defense by responsible individuals and that will also protect our children.

I applaud my Congressional delegation for speaking on this issue.  I applaud Congressmen Jim Himes, John Larson,  and Joe Courtney for walking out on the House.
I applaud Senator Chris Murphy for a 15 hour filibuster and for Senator Richard Blumenthal and so many others for joining him.
I have never been so proud of my delegation and and their colleagues.
They need our support.
They have mine.
Because a moment of silence is not enough.

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