Thursday, June 30, 2016


One of my good friends says I would organize two guys at a lunch counter.
He's not wrong.
I understand it's as much work to get a contract for 2 people as it is for 2000, and obviously, more people benefit from the work when the group is larger.
But, let me tell you a story I heard.

A man is walking down the beach and in the distance he sees a small silhouette that seems to be bending down, standing up, and throwing something into the water, over and over.
As he gets closer, he sees that a storm has covered the beach with starfish and a little girl is picking them up one by one, racing against time to save them from the heat of the sun.
He says to the little girl, "Little girl, there must be a hundred thousand starfish on this beach.
Surely you cannot make a difference."
The little girl looks at the starfish in her hand, looks up at the man, and says, "I can make a difference to this one."

5 years ago, I was the starfish in the little girl's hand.
Today, Medical and Dental Assistants at CHS who voted and joined AFT were the starfish. My congratulations and welcome to them.

You see, those who were once the starfish, know what it means to have someone give them a hand, to help them find their voice.
So, if it is not logical to organize 2 guys at a lunch counter, I agree. But I know what it was like to be one of those guys, and whether there at 2 of them or 2000 of them, each one of them individually is just as important as any other starfish on the beach.
So I'll be logical about most things, but on this issue.......everyone deserves a union, everyone.

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