Friday, May 27, 2016

Uncle Ferdi

Some blog posts are easy to write, some difficult, and some difficult but necessary.

This would be one of the latter.

It is with incredible sadness that I report my Uncle Ferdinand Comolli went home to heaven to be with his beloved Annetta this morning.
He was an incredible man who befriended my dad in college, married his sister, flew combat jet fighter missions in WW II, raised a family, and cared for the love of his life for many years when she became ill.
But more than that, he was Uncle Ferdi to myself, my siblings and my cousins.

I don't know, maybe its because we are a big Irish family or maybe because of who they were, but my uncles have always been second fathers to all of us.

He deserves his rest. He deserves his Annetta. He deserves his reward.
But we will all miss him immensely.

My heart, my prayers, and my tears go out to his children and all of my cousins.

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