Sunday, April 27, 2014

We are Yue Yuen

L+M Hospital fired workers, moved work out of the hospital, replaced the workers, and denied the new workers the rights to Collective Bargaining. The workers struck for 4 days and then were locked out for 3 weeks.
Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings in China is the worlds largest producer of footwear for such companies as Addidas, Nike, and Timberland.
They are also crooks.
For 2 decades they underfunded workers Social Benefit Fund as required by Chinese law.  This underfunded retirement pensions, medical insurance, housing and injury compensation.
48,000 workers went on strike when they found out.  They have been met by police and dogs.
There are many shades of gray in our world, but there is also right and wrong.
When someone takes advantage of another for their own gain, because they can, there is no gray.
It is wrong.
The workers in New London, Connecticut and in China are our brothers and sisters.
That was done to them is wrong.
We stand with them because to not stand with them would be unimaginable and unacceptable to who we are.
We are L+M!
We are Yue Yuen!

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