Sunday, April 6, 2014

The next Wisconsin?

Yesterday morning Michelle Hayes, one of our eboard members, and I attended a gathering of several unions in Middletown.
Present were four guests from Wisconsin, who told of how in one election, Wisconsin went from being a pro-union, pro-worker state to one that stripped workers of even the right to collectively bargain.

Last night, our VP Melisa Hunter, delegate Dave Misiaszek, and I celebrated with our L+M brothers and sisters, on their victory over a hospital administration committed to doing the same to them.
Present there were one US Senator, one Lieutenant Governor, one state senator, two state representatives, the mayor of the city and several aldermen.

In Connecticut, our elected officials believe in a strong middle class, in Wisconsin, they do not.

Not so long ago, Wisconsin was like Connecticut.

The question is: Will Connecticut, and other progressive states, become the next Wisconsin?

Big money people spend billions to convince voters that unions are bad, that people receiving public pensions are bad, that people on food stamps are bad, that immigrants our bad, and so on.
This same big money underpays their workers, and denies them heath care insurance, which forces low income workers to need food stamps and government insurance.
They take advantage of immigrants by paying them less than minimum wage and providing poor and unsafe working conditions, because they can get away with it.

In my opinion these big money people line their pockets while relying on taxpayers to foot the bills they should be paying.
They are unwilling to accept their ethical responsibilities.
They divide us with distractions on hot button issues, so that they can continue lining of their pockets.

We have an important election this fall.
Please register.
Please vote.
Please remember, that there is nothing more important to our country's future, than a strong middle class.
Connecticut online voter registration link

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