Friday, April 25, 2014

Don't let Connecticut become Wisconsin

I wanted to share this video with you.
It is the work of Matt O'Connor and Neal Thomassen, of AFT Connecticut, with help from the rest of the staff.
It is about what happened in Wisconsin when Scott Walker was elected governor and overnight gutted worker's rights.
It is something no one would have imagined happening in Wisconsin, yet it did.
His campaign team used sensitive issues like gun control to divide workers and the end result was that all of Wisconsin suffered.
In Connecticut we live in and are surrounded by states that believe the rights of workers are fundamental and protected by our constitution.
Could it happen here?
It happened in Wisconsin.

Please join me this coming Monday, April 28, 5:30 pm, at Lake of Isles in Preston CT, for a fundraiser for Governor Dan Malloy's re-election.
As Connecticut's chief executive he has been a tough negotiator with public employees and teachers, but he has never questioned the right to collective bargaining, as Scott Walker does.
Governor Malloy has publicly supported workers and collective bargaining and in particular as been a friend to Connecticut's nurses and health care workers.
It is now time to be his friend.
I hope you'll join me, and my brother Harry and sisters Lisa and Stephanie, the L+M presidents, and other local labor and community leaders.
Donations of $5-$100 will be graciously accepted.

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