Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Hebrew roots

As an Irish American I trace my heritage back to Ireland, and in my case, Scotland and England.
As an Irish Catholic American, I trace my spiritual roots back to the Middle East, to David, and Moses, and Abraham.

I am as much an Israelite as I am an Irishman.

The Irish story is well known, years of abuse from landlords, a potato famine, and mass migration to America for a new life of hope and freedom.
The Hebrew story is similar, enslaved in Egypt, freed to roam the desert until they finally reached the Promised Land.
The Irish faced discrimination in the country, the Jews faced the gas chambers and concentration camps.
But both have survived, both prevail, and both have done so because of a faith in a God we both share.

This week we celebrate both Holy Week and Passover.  Both speak of love of a God who never abandoned us.
Passover began the Exodus to freedom, a long trail that continues still.
May the God of Abraham bless us all, his children.
Happy Passover, Happy Easter.

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