Saturday, April 19, 2014

I can't pray and text at the same time

We live in an increasingly digital and instant everything world.
I remember years ago hearing the question asked, "How often do you check your email?' because of the fear that we were becoming slaves to our computers.
Now that we have smart phones; checking email, Facebook and twitter is continuous,
Our phones call us with a vibration in our pockets like a call to prayer.
It's like the question of how many meals to I eat in a day.  Just one, all day.
People are starting to talk "digital."
Going "off line" no longer means turning off the computer and speaking face to face.  Now it means waiting to speak one on one instead of in a group of people.
One of the fears I have is that by always trying to stay connected, I lose the connections with people in real life, real in person human interaction.  Think of how often we check our phones while talking to someone
Another fear I have is that I lose the connection to myself.
Call it prayer, or meditation, or whatever you wish, but time spent on our spiritual selves is important and has been throughout human existence.
In our obsession to being "connected" let us remember the need to stay connected to ourselves, each other, and whomever we call our Higher Power.

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