Wednesday, August 7, 2013

True leadership means service to others

Why does one become a nurse?
A respiratory therapist?
An X ray tech?
Why does one chose to clean the floors of a hospital, or cook the food for patients, instead of working in another industry?
Because they care about their fellow man.

Why does one become a CEO?

My AFT brothers and sisters at L+M Hospital in New London are being squeezed.  They have been forced to work short handed in the name of tight budgets, and when the hospital squeezed all they could out of that, they moved work out of the hospital to other buildings they own, claimed the workers had no rights under the contract, and squeezed them some more.
The hospital blames the governor, but the CEO continues to make a million dollars a year, the hospital is one of the most profitable in the state, and they just bought another hospital (Westerly).

But my AFT brothers and sisters are standing up for themselves and their patients, and the United States government agrees with them.  The National Labor Relations Board has issued a "complaint" and an October 21 trial will be held.
The Government of the United States v L+M Hospital.
The charge, a violation of United States Labor Law.

It's one thing to take a million dollars a year from insurance companies and tax payers, it's another to jeopardize patient care.

I am proud of my L + M brothers and sisters.  Once again they show us what true leadership is, having a mindset of service to others.

I am also proud of my brothers and sisters at Danbury and New Milford Hospitals, who are standing up to their hospital administrators and saying, don't cut staff and hurt patient care, don't blame the governor or the legislators.
Look in the mirror.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way!

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