Sunday, August 4, 2013

Agreeing to disagree

When did we become so arrogant that we believe we are correct and everyone else is wrong?
This phenomenon in our society is at an all time high.  Congress gets nothing done, mostly, because we have elected people with views far to the left or right.  Then we blame congress but lets be honest, we elected them, and we make it pretty clear that if they give an inch we will not reelect them.
So congress get little done and we all suffer.
There was a time when we could disagree, but agree to disagree. We could accept others having opinions that differed from ours.
We were even proud of it.
Remember, "I disagree with your position, but I will defend to the death your right to express it?"
When's the last time you heard that line?
There are evil people, there are corrupt people, but the majority of us are not.  Why have we resorted to demonizing those with opinions different from ourselves?
No one is innocent of this, not the right, not the left, not you, not me. I don't know why or how we have gotten here.
I do know, we need to find our way back, back to a belief that others can have a different opinion, can be just as sure of that opinion as we are, just as convinced, just as convicted, and just as well intentioned.
We need to get back to the ability to have civil discussions with those who think differently than we.
We need to be able to admit that maybe, just maybe, they could have some legitimate point of view.
We need to be able to look for areas of compromise, so that instead of stagnation which hinders us all, maybe we can all benefit.
We need to agree at times to disagree.
That's my opinion, I'll listen to yours.

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