Friday, August 2, 2013

38 years of making tea

38 years ago today Michelle and I were married.
38 years.
38  years of joint bank accounts, of struggling to pay bills, of raising kids, of grocery shopping, of family gatherings, of births and deaths, weddings and funeral, sickness scares and health.
And it was just yesterday.
We've been busy.
What happened to make 38 years go by so fast?
Life happened.
I've been extremely lucky that it's been a life with Michelle.
Not that every day or every moment is bliss.  We have our disagreements, and it may take some time, but for 38 years we've always kissed and made up.
We've had some grand times too.  Some of them exciting, like fancy vacations, some of them simple, like sitting with our sons and their children, and realizing that although we have all had struggles, our sons have grown into loving and caring men, who struggle now to raise their children as we struggled to raise them.
After 38 years, Michelle is as much a part of me as my right arm.  I would be as devastated to lose her as I would my arm.  Yet, I often take her for granted, precisely because she is always there.
Each passing year brings new challenges, and she is always there going through them with me.
The past few years has brought the challenges of the death of 2 brother in laws and both her parents and the challenges for finding the faith, strength and time to deal with that and at the same time stand with my fellow nurses and help build a union.
Like all our challenges over the years, we have faced them together, as we have for 38 years, as we will continue to.
We could not if we did not have each other.
What do you say to someone to express your love after 38 years?  What can you get them?
It's all been said, you've already given everything they want (that you could afford).
The best you can do is to get up before them, be quiet so they can sleep, and have the tea ready when they do wake up.
Gotta go, it's the start of another day, and the tea kettle is starting it's quiet whistle.
Love you Michelle, happy anniversary.

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