Tuesday, August 13, 2013

There is no I in Union

There is no I in Union.
Well, OK, there is.......... but it starts with U (you).

With my son in the hospital I emailed the delegates to tell them that I wouldn't be able to be at their meeting tonight.
Our treasurer, Donna, sent me this...
"John, I am so very happy that you won't be at the meeting tonight!" 

Wait a minute.....

She followed it with this....
"You need to be with your family and as much as we will miss you I am happy to know you have faith in us."

Oh, OK then.

I truly believe that the best way to manage is to surround yourself with good people, give them the support and tools they need, and then let them do their thing.  Being Local President is like that.
However, I do have a tendency to say YES to everything.  I think I can do all.  My friend Stephanie believes I have a Chuck Norris Complex.  I think all nurses have a little of that.

When I bowed out of the meeting, our Vice President, Melissa, echoed Donna's sentiments.  She said, "We got this."  Then she twisted her ankle at work and had to head home.  In stepped the Donna 1 and Donna 2, our Treasurer and Secretary.  "We got this."  

And you know what, they and our delegates do have it, because Union may have an I, but it starts with U.
You know what else has a U?

And our Union nurses do "have it", day in and day out, at Backus, and all the other hospitals, including UMass, where my son is in their fine care.

One of my Nursing School Instructors told me that I would make a good nurse but that no one would ever realize it if I didn't improve my spelling.
But I think that as long as I remember the correct placement of U and I, 
I'll be OK..

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