Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day (service to others/strength in numbers)

My wife’s shoulder surgery last week has added to my workload. It’s amazing how much we are normally able to do on our own, from dressing, to showering, to even closing car doors.
Our recent election was an example to me of how a large amount of work is made easier when many hands are doing it. Our recent devastation from super storm Sandy has also shown that the recovery is not possible without everyone pitching in to help.
Whether it’s helping my wife, the election process, or the recovery effort, many hands make the work easier.
This election was a record maker in terms of money spent. Perhaps the biggest example of this was right here in the Connecticut US Senate race. One candidate spent $40 million of her own money, in addition to all the PAC and party money. In the last 2 US Senate races she has spent $77 million of her own!
She was defeated both times.
She was defeated because although she could outspend, she could not outwork. The number of people making phone calls and going door to door for her opponent overwhelmed her money. In the end, people beat money.
Prior to the storm FEMA prepared to respond.  New Jersey Governor Chrisie praised the response of the federal government. We cannot rebuild storm hit communities alone but together we can and will. FEMA, the Red Cross, all the church groups, labor organizations, and other groups that have responded are making a difference, again showing that together we are stronger than alone.
We all need help every day, no man is an island.
On Veterans Day we honor those who have served and now serve in the military, the men and women who put themselves in harms way because helping our fellow man is the right thing to do. The men and women who, like my father and uncles, dropped everything and came to the aid of their fellow citizens at Pearl Harbor, after 9/11, and throughout history. These brave people understood better than most, that sometimes we all need help, sometimes we cannot do it alone, and always there is strength in numbers.
Our forefathers founded our nation on the premise that we are a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. United we are strong.
Let us honor our veterans by continuing the traditions that they embody, service to others and strength in unity.