Thursday, November 1, 2012

"minor" surgery

My wife's in surgery.

It's minor surgery, put then again, I have always defined "minor surgery" as surgery being done to someone I do not personally know.

Start cutting into me or someone I care about and it quickly becomes "major surgery", I don't care if I am only getting my teeth cleaned.

Anyway, my wife injured her shoulder and it hasn't responded to physical therapy, so they're going to go in and fix things up.  I'm sure her followup instructions will include no cooking or cleaning and much TV watching and being waited upon by her husband.

Surgery isn't being done at my hospital, so I'm an "undercover RN" today.  Eventually, my wife will spill the beans and tell them what I do for a living, she always does. Then they'll expect me to know what they're talking about. 
I'm not an orthopedic nurse and I'm not a surgical services nurse. 
I don't expect the anesthesiologist to be able to perform the surgery, they shouldn't expect me to know how to convalesce a shoulder surgery.

Wish me well.  With your help I'm confident I'll get through this. 

One more thing...
She'd kill me if she knew I was blogging about her so mums the word.
Lucky for me she never reads my blog.