Friday, November 23, 2012

Let the shopping begin!

Now that Thanksgiving is over we begin the preparation for the REAL holiday, Christmas, in a season we call "Advent", or to the commercialized world, "Advertisement."
Yes, just when you thought it was safe to start watching TV again and checking your mailbox, because the political ads are done, comes the dreaded Christmas advertising season.
For the next 4+ weeks we will be deluged with print, TV, and radio ads, songs on the radio, and TV specials designed with one purpose, to separate us from our money.
Don't get me wrong, gift giving serves an important purpose.  The tradition of giving gifts dates back to the three wise men for Christmas and ancient Israel for Hanukkah.  Santa Clause is the patron saint of gift giving, ensuring that all people of all religions or no religion, can participate.  Giving to each other is truly a wonderful human trait and should be encouraged.  In addition, the spending of our money gives a boost to the economy. 
But I believe that as important a part of the holiday season as gift giving is, it should remain just that, a PART of the holiday season.
How often as we stressed out over our ability to have the time, the money, or the knowledge, of getting that "perfect gift?"  How often have we heard the statement, "I'll just be glad when it's over?"
Like most things in life, there is a place of balance and our job is to find that place.
May we all find the time and take the time this busy holiday season, to remember that it is at it's core, a spiritual season of rededication, celebration of life, and a giving of ourselves, and may we not get trapped up in the commercialization to the point that we are looking for it to just be over.