Friday, November 16, 2012

2 hospitals, 5 Locals, 1 common goal

Last night we held our Fall General Membership Meeting. It was an opportunity to present our financial statement to date and our budget for next year.  It was also an opportunity to discuss issues around the hospital and to spend some time with and thank many who have helped us along the way.
Our invited guests included the leadership of our three L+M AFT sister locals, 5051, 5049, and 5123, our sister local at Backus, SPFPA (security guards and support staff), and AFT Connecticut.
All have been instrumental in our success. 
SPFPA broke new ground and showed us how to have the courage to stand up for our rights. 
The L+M locals have supported us and mentored us every step of the way. 
AFT Connecticut made it all possible. 
We owe them all a huge dept of gratitude.
We invited them last night so that our members could say thanks and could see that they belong to something much larger than the 400 nurses at Backus.  Together we represent 29,000 members in health care, education, and public service.  We hold a common commitment to help our fellow man and to protect the rights of workers and their families.
As important as it was for us to say thank you, it was also an opportunity to strengthen our relationship and recommit ourselves to working together.  The leadership of each Local and our State Federation have agreed to continue to meet on a regular schedule to share ideas and struggles.
There is much for us to do, but we need never do it alone.