Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving Thanks

If there is a good thing about the commercialization of Christmas, it's that the retailers more or less leave Thanksgiving alone.  Thanksgiving remains, for the most part, a time to be with family, over eat, watch football or old movies, and nap.  If we resist the urge to run out to all the Thanksgiving pre Black Friday sales, it can be a good day. 
Before I go on, let me say a word about Black Friday.  I understand the sales are enticing, and we're all trying to stretch our dollars, but there is a movement starting across the country to try to get people to NOT hit the stores on Thanksgiving afternoon and evening.  The thinking is that employees of the stores that are open on Thanksgiving have no option of working or being home with their families, they are ordered to be at work.  Please give this consideration when deciding when to hit the stores.
Now, back to Thanksgiving.
Besides being a day of family, food, TV, and naps, Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on all our blessings.  It is easy to dwell on the negatives, it's good we have a holiday dedicated to the idea of us thinking of the positives.
I was going to go into detail about everything I have to be thankful for, and there is much, but instead, I'd like you to take some time this week and reflect on your own life.  Find a little time in your busy schedule to look inside.  Try to look beyond the daily struggles and see what, in spite of these, you have to give thanks for.
Then, in your own way, say thanks to whatever Higher Power you believe in.
Enjoy the food, football, and family.
Happy Thanksgiving!