Friday, June 15, 2012

Union Update

The members voted yesterday to approve the constitution and bylaws. 
Our next task is to elect officers and select and train delegates (stewards) and select committees and get them up and running. Until we establish permanent delegates and train them, the members of the bargaining committee are our acting delegates.

We will have an open house at the union office, 308 Salem turnpike, on July 10, from 12 noon till 5:00.  Nominations for office will be from noon till 2:00 and voting from 2:00 to 5:00.  All members are eligible to run for office, and all members are encouraged to come and vote.  It'll also be an opportunity to see your office, enjoy some good food,  and discuss issues and the future of your Local in a relaxed atmosphere.

Wage increases should have been in your checks this week.  We are asking everyone to check the accuracy for the increase. Most of you should have received a 3% increase.  A small group should have gotten a larger increase because you were behind your graduating class.  There are a few exceptions to these rules.  With this many people getting increases, mistakes are bound to happen and we have already been told about some. This is easy to correct.  If you did not get 3% (or better), please email the delegate from your area and me. We will check and inform HR of any errors.

We have a labor-management meeting on Monday, and we will discuss wage increase issues. There are also issues on schedules and vacations that have come up and other issues.  If you have anything that you think we need to discuss, please email your delegate and me.  This is a period of great learning for managers.  For the first time, they need to work with a contract agreement, it will take time for everyone to fully understand. 

We hope to finish proof reading the contract on Monday and get copies made and out to all members shortly after that.  Thank you for your patience.

If you have not yet filled out a Membership Application or an Agency Fee card, please see your delegate.

The bargaining team is our leadership committee until officer elections take place in July. 
They have been asked to consider endorsing Tom Reynolds for State Senator from the 19th district.  Tom has been a champion for working men and women during his service as State Representative.  He was a supporter of our campaign to organize, signing letters of support and speaking in at our rally.
Therefore, the bargaining committee strongly endorses Tom Reynolds for State Senate from the 19th district and encourages members to support him. 
To qualify for matching funds under state election laws, Tom needs several hundred small donations (as little as $5) from voters in his district.  Please consider sending $5 or more if able. to


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