Monday, June 4, 2012

Life and a Sunday afternoon

I'm blogging from my back screen porch on a Sunday afternoon.  My 3 grandchildren are in the little above the ground pool in the back yard. They're fighting like cats and dogs.  The youngest, our granddaughter Zoie, is complaining because the two boys, Mikey and Elijah, are splashing water.  My wife, Michelle, is trying to referee, it's a battle she is losing.

It's just like a scene from something I've seen before.  What was it?

Oh yes, last year, in our backyard.

My older son, Sean, the father of Zoie and Mikey, is getting the grill ready.  He brought over a steak to cook.

The weather is great, big change from yesterday when it rained hard all day.  Today it's sunny and warm with fair weather clouds floating by. 

A nice afternoon.

Some things in life seem to be like the kids fighting, same old same old,
and others are like the weather, big changes from day to day. 

I had a little trouble with the pool when I took it out of winter storage.  It has a ring at the top that fills with air and then floats on top of the water, pulling up the sides.  The problem was that the air was leaking and I had trouble finding the leaks.

I guess life is like that also, there's always something to fix.  I've found that for me, the problem is knowing what to fix and what to leave alone.

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