Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Union Update

The Constitution/Bylaw Committee finished it's work Monday night.  The Constitution/Bylaws will be voted on by all members, next Tuesday, 6/14, 2-5 pm, in conference room 1 at the hospital. Thank you to the committee for their work. 
A day of nominations and elections of our local's officers has been set for July 10. All members are eligible to run for office and vote.

The following people have expressed a desire to serve the local:
John Brady as President
Michelle Hayes as Vice President.
Donna Callicutt as Treasurer
Missy Hunter as Secretary

In addition, Carol Adams has offered to serve as our political liaison and Jen Gaston has offered to serve on our Communication and Publicity Committee.  Many others have expressed an interest to serve as delegates (stewards) by signing up at the vote on the contract.  We will be contacting you.  We will have sign up sheets for members interested in serving as a delegate or on a committee at the 6/14 and 7/10 votes.  I strongly encourage everyone to become involved to the level they are able.

The contract is being reviewed for typos, when finished we will sign it, have copies printed, and distribute them to all members.

I am being asked about filling out Membership Applications.  If you voted on the contract then you have already signed up.  Many other people have signed up since then.  If you have not had the opportunity yet, it's OK.  Contact me and I'll make arrangements.  All non salary full and part time RNs must fill out a Membership Application or an Agency Fee form.  We will also have the forms at the June 14 vote.  At some point we will contact anyone not yet signed up.

Per Diem RNs have received a letter about the new hospital policy.  The new policy places you into a category that excludes you from the bargaining unit, meaning you are not covered by the contract, and not part of the union.  Many of you have been strong supporters and I wish we could have gotten contract language that included you, but I believe we got the best we could. Should you wish to be in the unit, please consider applying for a budgeted position.

The increase in weekend/holiday differential should be reflected in this week's check and the increase in wages in next week's check.
There is much to do in the coming months, delegates (stewards) need to be selected and trained and committees need to be filled. 
But we have already accomplished so much, together we will accomplish so much more.

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