Sunday, June 24, 2012

Understanding our Contract Articles 4-8

We are done reviewing the contract and are in the process of getting all the Bargaining Committee members to sign it.  That should be done in the next day or two.  Then we will start printing and passing out copies.
Let's continue our walk through our contract.

Article 4, Management Rights

Basically, this says that management has the right to run the hospital as they see fit, unless those rights are modified elsewhere in the contract. 
Before the contract, management had the right to do this on everything.

Article 5, No Strike, No Lockout

We agree not to strike and they agree not to lock us out, for the duration of the contract. (3 years)
A strike is never to be taken lightly.  That's why in our contract and bylaws we have a rule that 75% of union members must vote to authorize it. 
That means, that 75% of your fellow Backus nurses who have signed union cards would have to feel strong enough to vote to authorize.
It is always our decision, no one from the AFT Connecticut or AFT national has a say.

Article 6, Union Security

All employees who are covered by this contract must become Union Members or pay agency fees.
All full and part time Backus RNs are protected by the contract.  It is only right that we share the costs of administering it. 
We will take part in new employee orientations and distribute a Union orientation packet at that time.

Article 7, Dues Checkoff

The hospital will payroll deduct and send to the our Local the union dues or agency fees for anyone who has filled out a Union Membership/authorization for payroll deduction card or an Authorization for Check-Off of Agency Fees/authorization for payroll deduction card.
Dues and fees stay in the account of our Local, right here in Norwich, controlled by the Local's Finance Committee and administered by our Local Treasurer.  All Local checks need to be signed by by the Local Treasurer and President and all expenses are reviewed by the Finance Committee.

Article 8, No Discrimination

Neither the hospital nor the union will practice discrimination.
Sexual harassment will not be permitted.

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