Friday, June 8, 2012

Let's go Celtics

I have been a Boston Celtic basketball fan all my life.
This year, as often, they find themselves in the playoffs.
They are older, they are banged up, but they are there.
Every time the "experts" count them out and give them no chance, they win and continue on.
They are up against a great team, the Miami Heat, who have a great chance of willing the championship.  Miami won Games 1+2 in Miami and everyone counted the Celtics out. But then again....

Back in Boston for games 3+4, the Cs won them both, tying the series.  then they went to Miami and won game 5, putting Miami on the brink of elimination.
Last night, in Boston, Miami star Labron James, had an epic night and the Heat blew out the Celtics by 20 points.  Every time the Celtics rallied, Miami answered.

Late in last night's game, with maybe a minute or two on the clock, (which lasts about 5 minutes with clock stoppages), the Celtic fans, with their team down 20 and no chance to win, started chanting.
Let's go Celtics!
Let's go Celtics!
Let's go Celtics!
They continued chering till the game was over.

It was not a cheer to inspire the Cs to come back and win, the fans understand when it's over, it was a show of respect for the effort the Celtics have put on the floor all season, and for many season past.
The fans realize that Miami will be favored on Saturday.  They realized that if they Celtics lose on Saturday, this would be their last chance to show how they felt about this team.  They realize, that because of age, because of the way players are traded, this could be the chance they might have to show their respect for what these men have done over the years.

So, Boston did not boo their team that was losing badly, they cheered them, and that's the way it should be.

Let's go Celtics!

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