Monday, June 11, 2012

Being misinterpreted

Recently I said something to a someone whom I respect and it was taken the wrong way.  The person was offended.  When it was pointed out to me I was confused.  It was only when I stepped back, and tried to see things through their eyes, that I was able to see how they could feel the way they did.

Then I felt real bad.

The last thing I would do was offend this person by disrespecting them, and yet, what I did could have been interpreted that way.  I have since apologised.

It make me wonder, how many times have I done this in the past and not realized it. 

I try to be sensitive to other's feelings, I really do, but how often do I not realize that others might get the wrong impression of what I say or how I say it?  Yes, it is impossible to go through life and never be misinterpreted, but I can try to see things though other's eyes.

Also, how many times have I misinterpreted what others have said or done and become offended by that?  Let me give them the benefit of the doubt.

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