Monday, June 22, 2015

I cry for Charleston

I cry for Charleston
and for Newtown
and Columbine 
and Boston
and Baltimore
and 911
and, and ,and........

So many I wonder if we are not numb. 
What else explains our inability to find a solution?

Often there is hatred involved, of another race, religion, sexual preference or something else. 
Often there is mental illness involved.

You combine that with the ability to possess a leathal weapon and tragedy is the result.  

I understand the right to bear arms, I understand individual freedom, but I also understand the right to life.
We need to keep leathal weapons out of the hands to those who would do others harm.
We need to provide treatment for those who are ill.
We need a commitment to make this happen.

I grow weary of crying for the innocents. 

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