Saturday, June 13, 2015


God created the Saboth. 
Unions created the weekend. 

The reason for both is simple. 
We are called to fight for social justice and it is hard work. 
Those who stand against us seem to have unlimited resources and perhaps they do. When a hospital or other corporation fights itheir own workers the money they spend does not come from their own pockets nor the time from their own leisure. 
We are asked to do more with less. To take on more patients, more students, more productivity, while they line their pockets. 
Currently they are crying poverty and asking for tax breaks while they give themselves raises and bonuses. 
It must end and it must end now. 
It is time to put patients, students, taxpayers and workers before profits. 

That is why 900 healthcare workers at Dandury and New Milford Hospitals in Connecticut are fighting for their voice and why they are joined by their nurses and techs and the members of AFT Connecticut, AFT national and the AFL~CIO. 

My president, Jan, has ordered me on a few days of R+R with my wife Michelle. 
Michelle is extremely understanding of my union time but both she and Jan understand better than I that we are stronger if we occasionally rest. 
Jan and the rest of our leadership and staff are working on the campaign and I will be in Danbury this week. 

Our courageous brothers and sisters fight for a voice and we fight with them. 

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