Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hey Governor Christie, Punch My Face Too!

"At the national level, who deserves a punch in the face?” CNN's Jake Tapper asked New Jersey governor Chris Christie during an interview. The question was a callback, he said, to Christie's affinity for saying during his first term that "you can either sidle up to [bullies] or you can punch them in the face."

"The national teachers union, who's already endorsed Hillary Clinton, 16, 17 months before the election," Christie replied.

Speaking of one of the two large national teachers unions the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Christie said that the AFT was “not for education for our children. They’re for greater membership, greater benefits, greater pay for their members. And they are the single most destructive force in public education in America.”

Russ Walsh, a New Jersey teacher and blogger observed that both Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers and Lily Eskelson Garcia of the National Education Association are women. Russ said, "I don’t think even a Republican candidate for president could get away with punching a woman in the face. Belittling them, yes. Berating them, yes. Taking away the choice of what they do with their bodies, yes. But not striking a woman, especially with a Hillary running on the Democratic side.
So, taking all this into consideration, he said he would like to step up and offer Christie his face to punch.

As a Registered Nurse, as a member of the organizing committee and the first president of AFT Local 5149, Backus Federation of Nurses, and now as Executive Vice President of AFT Connecticut, I stand with Russ in his defense of teachers and other education personal. AFT represents 1.6 million dedicated individuals in education, healthcare, and public service. People who have devoted their lives to educating, healing and serving their communities. 

Before I became an AFT member I had no voice. If I spoke up against poor staffing or poor practices at the hospital I would be fired. The same is true for our teachers and other education professionals and public service workers

So if Christie is willing to punch a teacher in the face, he'll have to be willing to punch a nurse in the face also.
Then he'll only have 1.6 million faces to go.
Solidarity brother Russ. 

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