Sunday, August 2, 2015

Happy aniversay Michelle

Dear Michelle,
40 years ago today, you said yes and we were married.
Why you said yes to me and why you have put up with me for so many years is one of the great mysteries of my life.
Whatever the reason, I am grateful.

It has not always been easy has it?
We have had our struggles and times when each of us wondered if we had made the right decision, but we have also had our struggles that we got through only because we were together and leaned on each other for support.
And we have have wonderful times together, times when it truly feels like a fairy tale.

I guess that’s what a life together brings.
We support each other’s dreams.
When you went back to school I was there for you and when I did the same you returned the favor. You tolerate the time I spend on union work because you share my passion for the movement and you understand it gives me fulfillment.
I guess that’s what makes us work.
First and foremost, we want each other to be happy.

I remember first noticing you in high school, standing near your locker, all 5 foot of you with your long blond hair and the big brown eyes.

It feels like yesterday.

Happy anniversary, I love you.

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